Adventure Executive Coaching

Offer Your Customers More Than A Great Adventure

Enrich Their Experience With Executive Coaching

Outdoor adventure companies need to find new customers and new markets. One simple step extends the marketing reach of guides, outfitters, lodge owners, charter captains, outdoor adventure companies, dude ranches, cruise ships and conference and convention centers.

Our Compass Reseller Program lets you quickly and easily add executive coaching from StreamingStrategies to your existing outdoor adventures.

Best of all, you earn 50% margin when your customers buy our coaching along with an outdoor adventure!

Easy Money

Suppose you have been selling a 3-day steelhead fishing trip using your favorite lodge. Many of the fisherman are executives. You want to add our RiverWatch coaching program to that trip.

For free, we create a sales brochure for your new Steelhead Plus package. You send the brochure to existing and potential customers. You book a sale of the Steelhead Plus program and schedule one of our coaches. The coach flies to the lodge and delivers the coaching to the fishing executives.

The customer pays you for the Steelhead Plus package. You pay us for the coaching program--and pocket 50% margin on the coaching program.

Your customer will then book more trips with you because now you offer execfutive coaching as well as a great adventure.

The Perfect Addition To Your Business

The coaching program from StreamingStrategies provide professional executive coaching that has been specifically designed to integrate into outdoor adventures. Topics covered in the coaching sessions are matched to the activities of the outdoor adventure. Coaching sessions are delivered at the lodge, at the camp site, onboard the boat, or at the ski chalet.

Your corporate customers will be eager to add coaching to the adventures they already buy from you because they save a bundle. No longer will they have to pay for trips to get executive coaching and then pay again for ream-building trips for the same people. You offer them a way to get both at the same time for less money.

Get Ready For The New Season

Be ready to book more sales for the new season. Take your business to the next level. Extend your marketing reach. Earn higher margins.

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